Flight of the Condors in Chonta Cusco USD 65

In the Department of Cusco, discover the habitat of the Andean condor; the world´s largest flying bird that is one of the Incas´ three sacred animals. According to the Andean tradition, the condor is in charge of taking the dead´s souls to their new life, in the Great Beyond.

Indeed, if we analyze the condor´s position and function, in the food chain, it is in charge of eating dead animals, which helps keeping the environment, where these birds live, clean and protected from diseases or plagues that might develop, due to the decomposition of cadavers. So, in the Andean religion, that bird converts death´s energies into new life.


10:00 a.m.: We leave the city of Cusco, aboard our group transportation vehicle, along the Cusco-Lima route and, after an hour and a half, we get to Limatambo. Then, we go on, for another hour, to Chonta.

There, the 1-hour hike starts to the Chonta Canyon, where we´ll observe the condors´ flight, in a wonderful natural setting. Afterwards, we´ll get back to our vehicle that will take us to Limatambo, to have lunch. Finally, we´ll be back, in the city of Cusco, at 8:00 p.m.



  • Group tourism transportation vehicle.
  • Bilingual guide.
  • Lunch: Daily menu, with vegetarian option.
  • Entrance ticket to the Chonta Canyon.

Not included:

  • Tips.
  • Personal expenses.


What to bring:

  • Daypack.
  • Mineral water and snacks.
  • Clothes for warm weather, rain and cold, in successive layers.
  • Wide-brim hat, sunglasses and sunblock lotion.
  • Mountain hiking shoes or sneakers (tennis shoes).
  • Photo/video camera, and extra batteries.
  • Light binoculars.
  • Hiking sticks.


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