About us

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For our visitors´ information, we represent Quechua Planet Tours S.A.C.; a travel company, born on February 12, 2012, that started its activities, as Travel Operator, with the rights demanded by the Peruvian State´s Law, for the performance of tourism activities.

Originally, we are Cusquenians, from the Incas´ Sacred Valley, and heirs of the cultural and architectural wealth left to us by our ancestors. Thus, we offer differentiated itineraries, along which our travelers breathe pure air, far from the urban centers´ pollution and, on some of the trekking routes, we organize, our hikers are the only ones to enjoy the wonderful landscapes, of majestic mountains, that surround them.

From the debuts of Quechua Planet Tours and, up to now, our priority has been focused on our customers´ safety, as well as on the creation of unforgettable experiences. So, we express our gratitude, to all, for traveling with our company.

Our guides are Cusquenians, professionals in tourism, and experienced in mountain trekking. Besides that, they are connoisseurs of the Andean spirituality and mysticism, as well as of archaeo-astronomy and Incan architecture.

Throughout our 12 years of activity, we have fulfilled the dream of many travelers, of getting to Machu Picchu and, nowadays, we are, more than ever, dedicated to carefully organizing trips and treks to our beautiful country´s numerous destinations.


One of Quechua Planet Tours´ priorities, wherever it develops its activities, consists in only leaving footprints, in the terrain, and solely taking memories of unforgettable and enriching experiences along, through pictures and videos, while we all take care of the water, without disturbing the fauna and flora, on our way, as these are vital elements of our so rich and mega-diverse natural heritage.

Therefore, we insist that everyone who participates in our treks should fulfill these rules and conditions, throughout the whole trip.

Furthermore, in a near future, we plan on involving every one of our hikers in the plantation of trees and plants, in regions affected by forest fires or environmental pollution, as well as in free communal areas, to contribute with a valuable grain of life to those places and the planet.

Also, in the rural communities, which we´ll perform our mountain hiking activities in, we´ll be giving work opportunities to local inhabitants, to create new financial income sources that might allow young people to earn money, invest it in college education, and become professionals, for example.

In the meantime, those social development and integration projects will motivate adults and parents in the generation of extra income, to better educate, dress and/or feed their children, as they´ll consider these activities, at first, as complementary income opportunities, given that their main source of financial income currently comes from agriculture and raising livestock.

Finally, what seems most important to us is the fact that we are actively contributing to the regenerative preservation, conservation and promotion of our natural, cultural and human heritage, with constructive and concrete actions that can be reproduced by anyone, with the consciousness that they are of fundamental importance, as much in the present, as for the future.